The Mysteries Of Reston


This is a photo from the town I grew up in. There’s a secret air filled chamber underneath this tower.  Kids would dive off of it and swim into the underwater entrance.  This pic is from 1973.Tower on Lake Anne Reston Virginia I always heard stories about it but I never experienced it myself. Here it is today. Tower on Lake Anne Reston Virginia

I used to swim up into this air pocket! So much fun and not so scary once you do it…. You can also lay flat in a canoe and slide it under the dock right next to this tower, and canoe all the way to the sewer drain in the parking lot! You get to sit up eventually. Oh to be a kid again.



Hanukkah at the White House

Among the gifts from heads of state that are in the holdings of the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum is a menorah presented to President Truman by Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion. The menorah dates back to at least 1767, when it was donated to a synagogue in Buergel, Germany.

The menorah was used in the synagogue until 1913, when it was found broken in pieces.  A man by the name of Siegfried Guggenheim asked for the broken pieces and provided a replacement. The Guggenheim family restored the old menorah for their personal use, and brought it to the United States when they immigrated in the 1930s.  Eventually, the menorah was acquired by the Jewish Museum in New York.

When Prime Minister Ben-Gurion visited the United States in 1951, he searched for a suitable gift to give to Harry S. Truman in light of the President’s recognition and support of the State of Israel.  The Jewish Museum suggested the menorah, and Prime Minister Ben-Gurion presented it to Truman on his birthday, May 8, 1951.  Read More

Photos: Menorah presented to Harry S. Truman by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and Ambassador to the U.S. Abba Eban, of Isreal on May 8, 1951.  The menorah is currently on Display at the Truman Library.

Happy Hanukkah!