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The Accidental Revelations of Sanborn Maps

How maps created for fire insurers show the evolution of cities.

"Daniel A. Sanborn created these maps for one, very specific (and kind of dry) reason: to provide insurers a catalogue of city structures that could be fire risks. But over the years, these maps came to serve another purpose. Flipping through a series of maps of the same location, you can see mushrooming buildings, shops, and churches and deduce who lived, worked, and prayed in these structures. So, apart from insurance companies, historians, genealogists, and scholars started looking them them up for the moving pictures of urban growth that they offered.”

VIa CityLab


Watson, the decision whisperer

At the rate you hear the words ‘big data’ and ‘analytics’ thrown around these days, you might think everyone was using them. And sadly you’d be wrong. In reality, most business folks leave insights out of their decisions because the tools to extract them are too complicated. Here’s a new name to drop. IBM Watson Analytics. Using natural language and a keyboard, anyone can go mining data for instant insights. Just ask your question and Watson can help guide you through answers. No fancy statistics degree required. Get the scoop 



VCU Arts Qatar building and facilities

These are some great depictions of our campus in Doha. If you haven’t already followed Mike, a fellow tour guide, he’s studying abroad in Qatar this semester. We’re all very jealous of you Mike!  


Communication Arts Tour Guide

This is where I used to work. VCUQatar Women’s Basketball Coach and IT guy!